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Barack Obama über die EU und Google….

In einem Interview mit re/code spricht der US Präsident Barack Obama über “Cybersecurity” und über das Verhältnis der EU zum Internet, dabei kommt er zu irritierenden Aussagen, die nicht gerade freundlich sind. Er meint, dass die Abwehr der EU gegenüber Facebook und Google nur von kommerziellen Interessen getrieben sind, auch wenn es anders klingt. Ein Video nach dem Break.

Despite President Barack Obama’s recently strained relationship with Silicon Valley’s tech giants, he’s loyal to the home team when it comes to Europe’s more aggressive stance towards Google.

The European Union continues to hold out in its long-standing antitrust case against Google (while the U.S. settled years ago over the same issues). In November, the European Parliament passed a non-binding resolution to break up Google, after it made Google hide search results about people who want them zapped.

Obama said the European companies were sore losers and were using their governments to gain footing against American rivals.

“In defense of Google and Facebook, sometimes the European response here is more commercially driven than anything else,” Obama said in an extensive one-on-one interview with Re/code’s Kara Swisher*.

“There are some countries like Germany, given its history with the Stasi, that are very sensitive to these issues,” the president said. “But sometimes their vendors — their service providers — who can’t compete with ours, are essentially trying to set up some roadblocks for our companies to operate effectively there.

“We have owned the Internet. Our companies have created it, expanded it, perfected it, in ways they can’t compete. And oftentimes what is portrayed as high-minded positions on issues sometimes is designed to carve out their commercial interests.”

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